But this has nothing to do with Lin Yuan.
Because he doesn’t need to compare with students in other classes.
The novice task only requires Lin Yuan to be among the top twenty-five in the class in the next exam.
This is not a big problem for Lin Yuan.
Because Lin Yuan usually ranks around thirty in the class in his professional courses, as long as he works a little harder, he should be able to enter the top twenty-five in the class.
“What happens if the mission fails?”
Lin Yuan asked the system curiously in his heart: “Will he be shocked by the system? Or will he be wiped out by the system? Wait!”
Lin Yuan’s face changed slightly: “Should I have to deduct money? No, no, no, no, no?”
Another friendly reminder: electric shock, obliteration, each of them is scarier than deducting money. Please distinguish the priority from the host.
“Just don’t deduct money.”
Lin Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, but then he suddenly realized that even if the system wanted to deduct money, he had no money to deduct it from the system.
This discovery made him a little uninterested.
after class.
Lin Yuan did not go back to the dormitory, but found a quiet place, took out a number from his mobile phone and dialed it. The note on the number was:
/“Agent Zhao Yu”.
The phone rang twice and was connected.
On the other end of the phone, there was a tired female voice: “Lin Yuan? What can I do for you?”
/Lin Yuan said: “I have a song I want to release.”
The voice on the other end of the phone suddenly became a little excited: “Want to sing? Has your voice recovered? Can you sing again?”
Lin Yuandao: “I have now transferred from the vocal music department to the composition department. I have a song in hand recently. I would like to see if the company can help find a singer to sing and publish it?”
“That’s it.”
Zhao Jue was a little disappointed, and his voice became deeper again: “You also want to participate in the November singing season, right?”
“I have to remind you that you are a singer signed by our Xingmang Entertainment, not a songwriter signed by the company. The company has a songwriting department that specifically connects with singers, and most of the singers have their own songwriters to work with.” Zhao Jue refused. Very tactful.
Lin Yuan did not give up: “Then can I transfer to the songwriting department now?”
He really needs the company’s distribution channels.
Without the promotion resources provided by the company, even a very good song can easily fall into the dust. In previous years, the newcomers who emerged in the rookie season were all supported by the resources of the entertainment company.
Zhao Jue refused.
The air was silent for about ten seconds. Zhao Jue suddenly sighed and said helplessly: “Forget it, you can use the company’s internal channels to encrypt the song and send it to me. If the quality is good, I will find someone to help you send it. Of course. If the quality is not good, we will just pretend it nev