“Don’t sleep. Have you forgotten that there are important things today?” Yue Ming still didn’t give up.
“There’s nothing more important than me sleeping.”
“Today is the day when Shu Xin’s case is in court. Have you forgotten? You asked me to remind you today.”
/When Wei Renwu lifted the quilt, it immediately bounced up from the top. This shows how powerful the word “Shu Xin” is to him.
Wei Renwu’s sudden movement startled Yue Ming.
“I’m going to wash up.” Wei Renwu was almost naked and ran to the toilet with only a triangle on his head.
In the courthouse.
Shu Xin looked back at Wei Renwu who was sitting in the corner, and replied with a smile: “No objection.” Shu Xin seemed to be in a very relaxed mood, with a smile always on his face.
Yue Ming, who was sitting next to Wei Renwu, said in a low voice: “Mr. Wei, we are just here to attend the court today, not to attend the banquet. You don’t have to dress like this.”
Wei Renwu had a very formal hairstyle today, wore a white shirt, a black suit, and a stylish red bow tie, making him look very grand and gentlemanly.
Wei Renwu replied in a low voice: “What do you know? Today is a great day for Shu Xin to regain a new life. Naturally, it must be more grand to be worthy of her new life.”
The trial ended quickly, and it was almost time for lunch.
/Wei Renwu and Yue Ming were going to find a decent restaurant nearby and have lunch first. They came here early in the morning and didn’t even have time to eat breakfast. Wei Renwu’s stomach was already growling.
As they walked, Yue Ming asked: “Mr. Wei, why is the sentence for intentional homicide only five years? Besides, three people died. Logically speaking, wouldn’t it be too light?”
Wei Renwu, holding a “Lan Jiao Brand” cigarette in his mouth, replied leisurely: “Abetting a mentally ill person should have been a felony for at least ten years, but there have been diagnostic reports showing that all three people are in the recovery stage, plus she surrendered Yes, I made a special trip to ask Captain Lin to plead with the judge, so in the end the sentence was only five years.”
Yue Ming laughed and said, “I always thought Mr. Wei was a hard-hearted person when facing criminals. I didn’t expect you to have such a soft side and be willing to intercede for criminals.”
Wei Renwu shook his head and joked: “No, no, I’m not interceding for the criminal, I’m interceding for a beautiful woman. It’s a pity that such a beautiful woman has been in prison for ten years. After ten years, she has already She is an old lady, and after five years, I can still accept it.”
Yue Ming asked doubtfully: “Why, Mr. Wei is still planning to wait for her to come out and let her pledge himself to him?”
“It’s not a bad idea to just pledge yourself to me, hahahahahaha” Wei Renwu let out bursts of laughter.
Yue Ming simply didn’t want to answer his words and gave Wei Renwu a look of disgust.
As I walked, I came to the door of a “dip in water and fat” restaurant. This restaurant looked ordinary on the outside, but there