If you only judge by a few of Xianyu’s songs, Xianyu is really nothing special.
There is a very scary place about Xianyu!
Many people are not aware of this kind of horror, or they are aware of it, but have not formed a specific concept. ”
“How to say?”
Pudding asked curiously.
Although this topic was a bit sensitive, Lu Sheng didn’t seem to say anything too outrageous, which made him relax a lot.
“if not?”
There was a barrage of questions asking.
Lu Sheng smiled faintly: “Have you not realized it yet? There are indeed many talented singers who can write a song with quality that is not inferior to “Sunny Day” with their ability, including me, but Xianyu I can write more!
In other words:
Other continents need music dads to work together to come up with top-notch pop songs that are enough to cope with the Blue Music Club!
And in our Qinzhou.
Popular projects don’t require music dads to worry too much.
If you want, Xianyu can handle everyone’s songs by himself!
This is the gap!
Let’s use an inappropriate analogy:
They can also build rockets. Your father Qu in Zhongzhou can build five rockets, and Xianyu can build countless rockets by himself!
Quantitative changes lead to qualitative changes!
Xianyu’s pop songs can crush anyone in numbers!
Not even me or even head coach Yang Zhongming can compare with Xianyu in this regard!
However, Xianyu’s works are not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality. After all, quantity alone is not enough for him to lead Qinzhou to win so many gold medals. That’s why I say that Xianyu is Qinzhou’s Europe’s King of Pop!
As for why he is not the King of Blue Star Pop yet?
It’s not because anyone is better than Xianyu, but because Blue Star doesn’t have a true king of pop yet.
The output of Xianyu’s works is very high.
/However, the overall quality is not high enough to be indisputable.
When he has more works and more top-quality songs, maybe he will be the real blue star pop king.
Before that.
Xianyu can only be said to be one of Blue Star’s most proficient at writing pop songs, one of the best. ”
The audience was shocked!
Lu Sheng’s words are reasonable and well-founded, and there is no point of refutation at all!
The scariest thing about Xianyu is that while being highly productive, it also takes into account the quality of its work?
He is so good at writing songs!
It was just a concert back then, but it actually produced countless new songs!
Not to mention that during the twelve consecutive years, Xianyu can bring everyone huge surprises every month!
If it were any other song dad, it would have been hollowed out long ago!
Fortunately, the fish has not been hollowed out, and the good songs seem to be endless!
Until the Blue Music Festival starts, Xianyu is still the music dad who has produced the most works!
in stock?
No matter how much inventory there is, it should have been completely consumed over the years, right?
If it is not for inventory, it can only mean that Xianyu’s creative