To be honest, in just a few days, Wei Xiaobei felt that his understanding of biological genes had improved a lot.
If he had the current knowledge when the Fire Dragon was finalized, the Fire Dragon’s strength would be enhanced by more than 30%.
“elder brother!”
A soft voice reached Wei Xiaobei’s ears, awakening him from the ocean of knowledge.
Wei Xiaobei looked at Wei Xiaopeng who had a flattering smile on his face and couldn’t help but become wary.
Although the age gap between Wei Xiaobei and his younger brother is more than five years, it does not mean that Wei Xiaobei does not understand his younger brother.
This guy has been like this since he was a child. Whenever he wants someone to ask for something, he keeps his attitude very low. Well, to be honest, at this time, Wei Xiaopeng is somewhat of a sissy, just like the replica of Wei Xiaoyun. The sound almost knocked his teeth off.
“Brother, can you take me in to see the gray world you mentioned?”
Wei Xiaopeng had a look of expectation on his face. He suddenly discovered that his previous inventions and research were simply weak. They were simply repeating other people’s creations, or making slight changes based on other people’s creations.
To be honest, it was Wei Xiaopeng who didn’t know that Wei Xiaobei owned a life-body research artifact like the Altar of Life. Otherwise, he might have wanted to borrow it to have a look.
But now Wei Xiaopeng discovered that if things in the gray world could be used for research, he might become a great inventor and scientist.
Well, young people’s ideals are usually a little too ambitious, which is helpless. After all, it is common for ideals to be higher than reality.
Wei Xiaobei decisively rejected Wei Xiaopeng’s idea.
Wei Xiaobei had already guessed Wei Xiaopeng’s plan, but the gray world was too dangerous. Did he still think it was a child player’s home?
Hearing that his elder brother rejected his plan, Wei Xiaopeng’s face darkened and he stared at his fingers, not knowing what he was thinking.
/As I said before, Wei Xiaobei was very familiar with his younger brother. Seeing the change in his expression, he didn’t know what he was thinking.
You will always find a way to enter the gray world!
“The gray world is more dangerous. Just ask your sister Xinyi. Boy, don’t be too ambitious. Lay a solid foundation first! I hired a teacher for you. You can study at home first and then go to Liusni in September. Asia Royal National University.”
When Wei Xiaobei said this, Wei Xiaopeng’s interest was immediately diverted by more than half, and he hurriedly asked who the teacher was.
In fact, Wei Xiaobei also thought of this matter temporarily.
If you want to solve the mystery of the gray world, the preparation work involved cannot be solved by just a little bit or by traveling in the gray world.
More needs to be relied on research.
Wei Xiaobei is planning to establish a private research center on Weijia Island, which will initially focus on studying creatures from the