ew evidence proving your innocence, and then Captain Fan can let you back into the team.”
Fan Zhen He didn’t tell me personally. I looked at Fan Zhen, who nodded and said, “But this is not absolute. I just think the murderer will find it boring when he sees you surrendering, because he obviously expects you to stand up and resist. In the end, you do something that you can’t even control, and you may even actually kill someone. When the time comes, you will be completely convicted of the murder and you will be able to defend yourself. This is what he wants to see most. But if you go Surrendering himself, he felt that there was no point in doing so, so we can’t save you at this time, only the murderer can save you, although he will make more moves next.”
I heard Fan Zhen say this, and I knew that this was Making a bet on how perverted the murderer is.
“Okay, I’ll turn myself in, but I won’t admit any suspicion.” I answered them.
In the end, I was brought to the police station by Zhang Ziang and Fan Zhen. Their explanation was that I had found them to seek asylum, and they did not mention that I was surrendering. The police station also understood this tacitly because I was involved in a murder case. I have to be detained for the time being pending investigation. It is just a detention at the moment and I cannot be released during this period.
Fan Zhen told me that my detention period was 15 days. If no other direct evidence could be found after 15 days, I could apply for bail.
All my belongings were confiscated and I was detained in the police station’s detention room like a prisoner. The ones responsible for interrogating me were naturally Fan Zhen and the others. In this matter, Yan Mingliang and Lu Zhou were more proactive. So most of the time they come to ask me, and I insist on identification. Even when they present evidence that is not conducive to me, I insist on one sentence – present direct evidence of my murder. If there is no evidence, these are all yours. conjecture.
It seems that this word hurt their self-esteem and insulted their IQ. At least they thought so, so they were very angry when they heard this word, but they could not torture me to extract a confession. After all, they were still afraid of Fan Vibrating.
I persisted in not pleading guilty, but they could not find any new evidence. After three days of this, I was tired, and so were they. In fact, the thing I couldn’t understand the most was why the two of them targeted me and always thought that I was the murderer.
/It wasn’t until the fourth day that I suddenly had the answer.
/In fact, this was a very unintentional action and an unintentional discovery. When Yan Mingliang was interrogating me, I saw him touch his forehead unintentionally, and then I found a wound on the edge of the hair he inadvertently picked up with his hand. Seems to be new.
I didn’t stare after seeing it, and he didn’t notice it either, but I quickly thought of the trophy, the trophy that hurt someone. He was still asking me the previous question repeate