u, thinking that he was somewhat interested in Tang Rouyu. Still want to take advantage of the opportunity of shaking hands to make yourself look good? Yin Kuang is not a soft persimmon to be manipulated. Not only did he pinch his palms red and swollen, but he also warned him with “Welcome to Class 1239”. But I have to admit that he still has some ability. Knowing that his strength is no match for Yin Kuang, he naturally lets go. His expression is also well controlled, and no one notices anything strange.
Tang Rouyu introduced the last person, a burly man, only slightly smaller than Wei Ming, and said: “This is Zhang Dongqiang. The ‘Gun Soldier’ ??is enhanced. The whole person is like a mobile armory. He has solved everyone’s difficulties more than once. .” Zhang Dongqiang stretched out his hand and said: “Ashamed. I have heard of your name for a long time, but I never thought that one day I would fight side by side with you.” Yin Kuang held his hand and felt it was as hard and cold as steel, and said: “You’re welcome . I believe we will have a pleasant cooperation.”
/Everyone exchanged names, and they were officially acquainted, and they also chatted with each other. However, Zeng Fei and Zhang Dongqiang didn’t talk much. They listened in silence and never took the initiative to speak when no one spoke to them. Wei Ming, on the other hand, kept shouting that he was hungry and pulled Yin Kuang to explain in detail the process of dealing with Long Ming. Lin Xiuying, on the other hand, gossiped about Yin Kuang and Tang Rouyu, smiling sweetly. The two girls also have a good relationship, chatting and joking at the same time. Murong Yan listened quietly to the side, her bright eyes staring at whoever spoke. As for Shen Kou, he kept interrupting, and he felt a little unnatural every time Lin Xiuying brought the topic to Yin Kuang and Tang Rouyu.
While chatting, they were interrupted by Qian Qianqian’s “dinner is served”. Wei Ming screamed as if he were a starving ghost reincarnated, and rushed into the kitchen to help Qian Qianqian serve food and rice.
What followed was a very harmonious and enjoyable dinner.
/During this period, Shen Kou became more active and kept praising Yin Kuang for his good luck in finding a good partner like Qian Qianqian, who was good in the hall and in the kitchen. Until Lin Xiuying, who was sitting next to him, became impatient with him and said directly, “One day if you taste Sister Tang’s craftsmanship, you will not even have time to talk.” But he didn’t want Shen Kou to hit the snake with a stick and shouted that he would try Tang Rouyu’s cooking skills if he had the chance. Qian Qianqian was very dissatisfied with this and wanted to stare Shen Kou to death. But Tang Rouyu said something back, “I’m busy doing that. I haven’t been in the kitchen for a long time. I’m already unfamiliar. I don’t dare to show my shame.”